Tips and Essentials

Before you go on your ATV adventure, you’ll need to plan the purchase or rental of equipment.

Ontario requires a valid Driver’s Licence to drive an ATV. If you purchase an ATV, you’ll need to register AND insure the vehicle. By law, all Off-Road Vehicles (OFVs), including ATVs, must be registered with the Ministry of Transportation, even if operated only on your premises. A licence plate and registration permit is provided together with mounting instructions. OFVs may not be registered to anyone under age 16.

Learn about Ontario regulations regarding ATVs and its off and on road riding policies. You can also refer to the Ontario Highway Traffic Act for all applicable regulations and the schedules describing specifically where ATVs are permitted, and obtain a copy of the Off-Road Vehicles Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.0.4. by visiting:

Additional trail permits may be required by some trails. Be sure to get proper permits for each trail, and become familiar with the trail rules and safety regulations.

Get more travel tips and tools, such as border crossing information, weather conditions, currency and conversion tools.

Close up of ATV rider during summer.


This guide outlines the legal requirements for ATVs and other types of off-road vehicles and promotes safe and responsible riding practices.

Group of ATVers following a trail during fall.


ATV Clubs across the province work to keep the Ontario trail systems maintained, safe and fun. Join a club and meet other ATV enthusiasts.

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