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I am a land filled with adventure. My rugged landscape beckons visitors to explore with enthusiasm, while my sparkling lakes and breathtaking views cause others to pause and savour my beauty. Where am I?

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Explore the land by foot, bike, or ATV; or paddle yourself along pristine waterways. Enjoy the seclusion of backcountry camping; or surround yourself with laughter as you create memories at the cottage and sway to live music alongside tasty eats. No matter the adventure you’re seeking, find it #inFrontenac.



People around a campfire during an off-grid cabin escape

Off-Grid Cabins

There’s something magical that happens during a disconnected moment in nature: a calmness settles over you, your senses feel somehow heightened, and time just seems to slow. Discover cabins across Ontario’s Highlands, like Cabinscape, that will give you the perfect break from the every day as you head out of the city, into the woods, onto the water, and off the grid.

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Embrace the Mud

Break loose from the everyday monotony and make your heart rate soar as you twist around granite cliffs, splash through rivers, and grapple the mud bogs during an ATV tour in Ontario’s Highlands. Hit the trails on your own to let your sense of adventure guide your, or book a guided trip with Springwood Cottages