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An artists’ paradise, I possess a beauty that inspires and a ruggedness that challenges. My lush forests and clear lakes host many visitors, searching to escape the every day and experience something Authentically Canadian. Where am I?

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Haliburton Highlands is a true work of art, rich in natural beauty, local products and artisans, and friendly residents.



Yoga at Holness Yoga in Haliburton

Yoga with a Twist

Discover how to take your yoga experience to the next level with one simple move of your mat – to outside that is. Breathe deep and head to places like Holness Yoga or Chetolah Pottery in Haliburton County to hear your oms echo against the trees and feel the benefits of the fresh air around you.

A couple learns about sustainable agriculture at Abbey Gardens

Get Closer to Your Food

Get closer to your food at Abbey Gardens – feel the sponginess of dough in your hands, smell the simplicity of coffee beans roasting, and analyze a hop. Meander through the many gardens, discover the benefits of sustainable agricultural practices, admire ponies and heritage chickens in their paddock, and enjoy local produce.