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Come Wander

An artists’ paradise, I possess a beauty that inspires and a ruggedness that challenges. My lush forests and clear lakes host many visitors, searching to escape the every day and experience something Authentically Canadian. Where am I?

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Haliburton Highlands is a true work of art, rich in natural beauty, local products and artisans, and friendly residents.



Molten hot glass about to be blown

Let Your Creativity Flow

Wake up your inner artist in Haliburton Highlands with opportunities to play with the elements; the chance to dig your hands into thick, gooey clay; to jab hot molten blobs into shiny, sparkly pieces of glass; and to muse over a vast array of colours before slathering them onto an empty canvas.

A woman biking in Haliburton Forest

Break a Sweat

Disconnect from the every day and get your heart rate soaring along lung-expanding, muscle-working hiking and biking trails, like those in Algonquin Highlands and at Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve.