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I am a land coated in small town charm and filled with rich minerals. Proud of my strong agricultural heritage, I am a testament to the simpler ways of the past and a celebration of the present. Where am I?

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Hastings County

Explore a land rich with geological history and experience the small town allure of friendly faces, quaint shops and the unrushed pace of life found in Hastings County.



Owners of Kings Mill Cider in Stirling

A is for Apples

Autumn and apples seem to go hand in hand. Discover the delectable flavours of Kings Mill Cider and wander the aisles of The Apple Store to celebrate the bounty of fall.

A water buffalo looking through the fence at Ontario Water Buffalo Company

Where the Buffalo Roam

In picturesque Stirling-Rawdon, Ontario, there’s a home where water buffalo roam and tourists come in and out all day. Visit the Ontario Water Buffalo Company to meet these friendly creatures, and sample delicious products made from their milk, like ‘buffalato’ (buffalo milk gelato).