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Come Wander

I invite you to wonder at my beauty during moments of tranquil stillness, and to marvel at my strength during moments of fierce agitation. When you dip your paddle and push forward, you leave the mundane behind. Where am I?

Eagle's Nest Lookout in Calabogie

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Ottawa Valley

Discover why the Ottawa Valley is renowned as the Whitewater Capital of Canada with more than 900 lakes and 4 major river systems. With 2.4 million hectares of breathtaking wilderness to discover, you can lace up your boots, grab a paddle, or hop on a bike, and explore a unique blend of heritage and outdoor recreation



People canoeing in flatwater

Plan a Summer Canoe Trip

There’s something tranquil about the rushing waters of a river. Spending time on the water is the perfect way to immerse yourself in a region’s natural beauty, and get away from the nonstop barrage of modern life. Learn tips from expert paddlers to help plan your best canoe trip yet.

Waffle with blueberries and whipped cream

Brunch Hotspots Near Ottawa

Is there a meal more perfectly indulgent and utterly unique than brunch? This lazy morning meal is best accompanied by friends laughing around the table, and is one of the few times it’s socially acceptable, even encouraged, to eat whipped cream in the morning, or pair your eggs with champagne.  Discover brunch spots like Krave Bistro and The Nook Crêperie to make your next daytrip from Ottawa extra special.