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I am a land coated in small town charm and filled with rich minerals. Proud of my strong agricultural heritage, I am a testament to the simpler ways of the past and a celebration of the present. Where am I?

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Hastings County

Explore a land rich with geological history and experience the small town allure of friendly faces, quaint shops and the unrushed pace of life found in Hastings County.


The sun shines over Marmora Mine

Discover Breathtaking Beauty

In my past life, I provided a livelihood for many. While men used to labour against my hard crust to uncover the value below, today, visitors bask in my easy beauty and rippling surface. Where Am I?

Driving past changing leaves and fall colours

Embrace the Unexpected Moments

Sometimes the most unexpected moments lead to the best memories. Grab a coffee, travel the winding roads of Hastings County, follow the signs, and take time to stop along the way. You never know what you might find when you road trip into the unfamiliar.