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Sunset Country is an outdoor lover's dream.

There is epic fishing and hunting, houseboating, fly-in adventures, boating, as well as hiking and paddling in the backcountry wilderness.


  • With over 70,000 fishable lakes and rivers in our neck of the woods, the fishing is impressive!
  • Explore the cities and towns in Northwest Ontario that are nestled amongst the trees and along the lakeshores. 
  • Backcountry paddling opportunities are limitless. Canoe remote parks such as Wabakimi, Woodland Caribou, and Quetico Park. 
  • Hunt for big game like bear, deer or moose or small game and waterfowl.
  • Experience everything Sunset Country has to offer: Northern lights, beaches, shore lunches, wild blueberries, water sports, museums, shopping, viewing wildlife, fly-in trips and lots more.



Northwest Ontario

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Do you like the outdoors? We have over 70,000 lakes and rivers in Sunset Country just waiting to be explored. If you want to take a vacation where you can rent a cabin in the wilderness, have a cup of coffee while listening to loons call out, go fishing or exploring the lake, then Ontario's Sunset Country is the place for you. Find out more about Northwest Ontario by ordering your free Sunset Country Travel Guide and Map. It includes a poster size map inside!

Go to one of 70,00 lakes and rivers in Sunset Country!

Looking for lodging on a certain lake?

Ontario's Sunset Country has over 70,000 lakes, rivers and streams in our corner of the province!

Find out which lodges and resorts are on which lake and start planning your dream vacation to Northwest Ontario. Link to the lodges from the lakes page to get more pricing and availability.  With so many lakes, what are you waiting for?