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Historic and vibrant; Brockville welcomes with live theatre performances, museums and a thriving arts scene. No trip is complete without a stop at the raved about Aquatarium where you’ll learn fascinating things about the 1000 Islands. Start your trip planning now in South Eastern Ontario



  • The Brockville Arts Centre was built in 1858 and remains one of the most unique and historic performing arts centre's in Canada.
  • Fulford Place is a magnificent Edwardian mansion overlooking the mighty St. Lawrence River.
  • The Aquatarium allows you to discover the diverse wildlife of the islands, explore the area’s unique history and culture, learn about the economics of the St. Lawrence River and the 1000 Islands.
  • Step inside Canada’s First Railway Tunnel that was built in 1860. 

  • The Brockville Arts Centre presents some of the best live theatre and live entertainment concerts in Eastern Ontario and the 1000 Islands
Kids enjoying the Aquatarium in Brockville, Ontario Canada


The Aquatarium is an engaging, fun filled, educational and interactive centre where visitors can explore the history of the Brockville region.

2 women crosscountry skiing in Brockville, Ontario Canada

Canada’s First Railway Tunnel

Brockville’s underground tunnel was completed in 1860 and exists under the downtown core of Brockville. The belief during this time was that no railway was complete without at least one tunnel. It has been restored and is now a popular attraction.