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Trade your text messages for real conversations. Swap your emails for adventures. These unplugged itineraries will have you feeling refreshed and oh-so into the revenge of analogue. 

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Embrace Our Rural Routes

We all need to hit the refresh button every once in a while and Oxford County makes slowing down easy. Enjoy rich culture, explore beautiful farmscapes and cycling trails and dine on local fare. Our museums, galleries and quirky events will have you loving the local culture and unique hands on experiences will help you create lasting memories.  



  • Get out and Tour Oxford with our customized itineraries and trip info
  • Experience Oxford in a brand new way with our new signature experience.  Wash wheels of cheese, bottle your own beer, craft an artisan charcuterie board with the woodworker and a whole lot more. 
  • The Elm Hurst Inn was built in 1872 and is now one of Ontario's premiere boutique hotels.  Nestled on 32 acres of scenic countryside, leaving the city becomes a beautiful thing.
  • Love cycling? Love eating? We're right there with ya.  For those looking to up their cycling game with a unique ride, then cycling along The Oxford County Cheese Trail is an enjoyable (and delicious) way to have fun on your next ride.  With 92 km of new stories, local flavours and of course, cheese, you won't find another ride like this.

  • Fresh, local food is at your fingertips in Oxford County. No matter the time of year, you can always eat #OxfordFresh. 

Oxford Cheesemakers


It involves cheese so it sounds delicious. The Oxford County Cheese Trail is a curated list of 24 spots featuring cheese, dairy and related offerings for visitors to experience. Taste our local cheese, learn our dairy heritage and experience rural life.

Gun Hill's Cheese Tour


Dive headfirst into the storytellers who make Oxford so exciting.  Whether you're bottling your own beer, washing wheels of cheese or handcrafting a charcuterie board with a local woodworker, you'll create memories that are sure to last.  Travel in a meaningful way and meet the makers up close and personal.