Bell City Brewing Company

Bell City Brewing Company

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Named after the famous inventor and former Brantford resident Alexander Graham Bell, Bell City Brewing Company has been in Brantford since 2015. Many of its brews are named after famous inventors and inventions. Bell City has created numerous innovative brews like the heated Habanero Chili Lager or Cap’n Crunch Ale infused with the popular Cap’n Crunch cereal. Flagship beer include the smooth flavoured Eureka Cream Ale and the Belgian style beer, Lenoir. Visit Bell’s Beer Bistro and Beer Store at 51 Woodyatt Drive, Wed-Sun 11-8pm.


    Bell City Brewing Company
    #9-51 Woodyatt Drive
    Brantford, N3R 7K3

    Phone: (519) 900-6204


    Year Round