Bringing Pets to Ontario |


All animals are subject to veterinary inspection on arrival in Canada, and information about this procedure is available through Canada Food Inspection Agency. If evidence or suspicion of disease is found, the animals may be refused entry.


Dogs and domestic cats entering Canada from the United States will need certification, signed by a licensed veterinarian, that they have been vaccinated against rabies during the preceding 36-month period. This also applies to visitors wishing to bring a dog or domestic cat into Canada from a country other than the United States.


Currently Ontario has a ban on the import of pit bull terrier breeds into the province, get more details. Pets Can Stay Canada is the national certifying body for accommodation providers that accept pets and meet certain standards, criteria and guidelines. This full-service travel agency provides direct travel bookings and information for people travelling with pets, free of charge.


The Pet Friendly Canada Directory offers a convenient, searchable database of accommodations that allow pets throughout Ontario and across Canada. The site is free to use for consumers and includes photos, pet policies, and descriptions about each accommodation, as well as pet travel information and tips.


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