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Trip Planning Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Trip Planner?
The Trip Planner is an online trip planning tool enabling you to search for travel ideas, view recommended itineraries and create fully itemized and personalized travel plans in just a few clicks.

The Trip Planner is your personal travel concierge.

The Trip Planner can be accessed by selecting the Trip Planner link at the bottom of each webpage. You are then presented with the following trip planning resources:

  • Perform a quick search for travel ideas
  • Create a new Trip Plan
  • View and update existing Trip Plans
  • View and update My Favourites
  • View and customize predefined, itineraries of suggested trips.


What are My Favourites?
My Favourites is your personal ‘bucket list’ containing travel ideas and inspirations that you have selected to save and use in creating Trip Plans.


What is a Trip Plan?
A Trip Plan is a planned route or travel journey that features a collection of listings, events, packages from based on your specified travel dates and interests. The Trip Plan details what you want to do and on which day of your travel journey.
A Trip Plan can be saved and shared if you are a registered user on


How do I create a Trip Plan?
To create a Trip Plan, first perform a quick search for travel ideas by selecting the Create a New Trip Plan link and selecting one of the following three ways to find travel ideas:

  1. Step-by-Step Planner
  2. Suggested Itineraries
  3. Custom Trip Planner
You can then add the displayed results and travel ideas to a new Trip Plan or an existing Trip Plan.
Alternatively, selecting the Trip Planner link on the bottom of a page will enable you to perform a quick search by entering responses to the displayed questions and clicking Continue.


What is the Step-By-Step Planner?
The Step-By-Step Planner presents a series of guided questions to help you create a Trip Plan by presenting listings, events and packages relevant to your trip to Ontario and travel interests.


What is a Suggested Itinerary?
A Suggested Itinerary is a collection of travel recommendations and ideas describing unique places and experiences of Ontario. Selecting a Suggested Itinerary provides are a fast and easy way to start building and customizing your travel plans.


What is the Custom Trip search?
The Custom Trip search allows you to search for listings, events and packages through keyword search. For example, if you were interested in visiting Niagara Falls, but you don’t know where it is located and what to do when you get there, you can get travel ideas by typing “Niagara Falls.” You can manage your Trip Plan around the available events, listings and packages.


Who can access the Trip Planner?
The Trip Planner is open to everyone and is available in 24x7 in both English and French.