2017 is Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation and of Ontario as a province. Join the year-round festivities and be a part of the country’s biggest party on July 1st for Canada Day!

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Celebrate the 150th anniversary of Confederation across the province and throughout the year. In honour of our nation's birthday, all national parks will be free and open to the public. 


Did you know Canada is the only country that commemorates Her Majesty Queen Victoria with an official holiday? Who doesn’t love a great birthday party! Ontario celebrates Victoria Day, the birthday of Queen Victoria, who was England's reigning monarch 150 years ago during Confederation, each year at the end of May. Conveniently, it’s also a great kick-off for summer. Marvel at the spectacle of colour during the Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa. This year will showcase the Canada 150 tulip, an elegant white and red bloom.


Celebrate our nation’s 150th birthday, Canada Day, on July 1st across the province.

Of course the epicentre of Ontario150 celebrations will be the nation’s capital, with events taking place all year round to honour Ottawa2017. Canada Day promises to be a giant party on Parliament Hill featuring concerts, fireworks and plenty of red and white. TO Canada with Love is Toronto’s schedule of Ontario150 events, including the annual bash at Mel Lastman Square. Wish our country a happy 150TH birthday in Niagara Falls, Sault Ste. MarieTimminsParry Sound or Sarnia. Or take to the outdoors – the Canada Day weekend is a popular one at Ontario’s Provincial Parks. Get your camping spot early and take advantage of the natural beauty and great amenities Ontario’s parks have to offer. Other locations to enjoy Canada Day fireworks and celebrations include Blue Mountain VillageCanada’s Wonderland and North Bay Waterfront.


Ontario rolls out the red carpet each September for the annual Toronto International Film Festival, with celebrity stars and stargazers flocking to Toronto. Check out the Essential 150 Canadian retrospective this year. 

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In 2017, Canada's capital is where you'll want to be for the nation's 150th birthday! Check out the big, bold, immersive and moving experiences that will complement national celebrations and annual events and festivals.