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Where to Hunt

Ontario boasts an extensive range of climates, environments and hunting experiences, from big game hunts including moose and bear to small game and waterfowl. The diversity of our landscape has long attracted the avid hunter.

Track your quarry under fall canopies of spectacular reds and oranges across the province during the fall months, climb over the rocky terrain of the Canadian Shield, stretching from the Great Lakes north to James Bay. Paddle or wade through the lush marshes and tide-water flats. Perch amid the treetops of vast, untouched tracts of bush.

Our experienced outfitters can help make your next hunting trip a successful adventure. They can guide you through the preparation, the hunt and the field dressing.

Hunting locations and regulations in Ontario are based on Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) across the province. Find your next hunting destination in one of the four travel corridors below.

Where to Hunt

Northwest Ontario

From moose to bear to deer, find some of the best big game hunting in the province. The lush tree cover provides ample food and shelter to allow these species to thrive and grow.

Sault Ste. Marie - Algoma

Experience the ultimate big bull moose or black bear challenge, or select from a variety of small game species.

Northeastern Ontario

Extending from Georgian Bay to James Bay, Northeastern Ontario offers staggering natural beauty, compliments of the Canadian Shield.

Southern Ontario Regions

Take in the placid waterways of the 30,000 islands region, the pristine wilderness of Algonquin, the scenic rivers and shorelines of southwestern Ontario, or the historic waterways in the central east.