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Dog Sledding in Ontario

Everything you need to know to discover this winter wonderland and to choose Ontario for your next dog sledding adventure.

An adventure of a lifetime

The energy is infectious, and you’ll feel it before even stepping foot on the sled. It starts with the growing excitement of the dogs getting harnessed, then with the crack of the sled hitting the snow, and finally the exhilaration of running the team on winding trails under a snow-laden forest canopy. 

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Best dog sledding tours

Most operators offer a variety of outings from two-hour, half-day and full-day treks to night-time or multi-day sledding adventures. All trips are fully outfitted and guided; just come dressed warmly, keep your camera close and get ready to be blown away. Borealis Dogsled Tours delivers pure, unadulterated adventure on multi-day excursions out of Vermilion Bay. M.U.S.H.E.R.S Dog Sled Tours operates out of Warren, just west of Sudbury with a team of friendly dogs, great guides and traditional wooden equipment.

There are several amazing kennels offering dogsledding opportunities in and around Algonquin Provincial Park. Meet the hardworking team of Siberian Huskies at Winterdance Dogsled Tours in the Haliburton Highlands, bordering the park. Go star status and book the Heli-Dogsledding Tour; arrive by private helicopter and enjoy a dogsledding tour complete with trailside lunch by a roaring fire. Travel through stunning landscapes in and around the park with Highlands Wilderness ToursSnow Forest Adventures, or North Ridge Ranch in Muskoka. Check out Sugardogs Adventure Company in Sundridge. Haliburton Forest Dogsledding drives teams on over 300 kilometers of trails on 100,000 acres of private forest. Mush indeed!

Ready to hit the trails? Plan and book a dog sled tour in Ontario.

Dog sled races and events

Some of the fastest sled-dog teams in the world compete in Ontario's variety of exciting events. Race your own team or come out and cheer them on.

Want to attend an event? Learn more about dog sled races and events in Ontario.

Skijoring with dogs

Looking for something new? Take up kick-sledding or skijoring - something of a cross between dog sledding and cross-country skiing. Make it the highlight of your weekend getaway with Quiet Bay Lodge or at Woodland Echoes in Magnetawan.

Ready to start planning? Check out our Beginner's Guide to Dog Sledding in Ontario.

What to wear dog sledding

  • Warm winter boots
  • Winter coat 
  • Snow pants (provided by some outfitters)
  • Thermal base layers
  • Sweater
  • Wool socks
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Warm mitts or gloves (mitts are preferable)
  • Hat
  • Scarf or neck warmer

Clothing requirements vary outfitter to outfitter. Some have gear and outerwear available for guests. Check with your tour operator before arriving. 

When's the best time of the year to go dog sledding?

Winter is Ontario's dog sledding season. Contact one of our recommended tour operators below for dates and availability.  

Two sled dogs resting.


If you love dogs, it's a must-do adventure! You’ll gain new appreciation for the season, the sport and the scenery (while the dogs will simply melt your heart). Watch PULL: a film by Goh Iromoto to get a sense of the power and thrill of dogsledding.

Deb of The Planet D hugging a husky


Top global travel bloggers, Dave and Deb of The Planet D, describe dogsledding in Ontario as an "adventure of a lifetime".  See video and read about their adventure with Winterdance Dogsled Tours in Haliburton.