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Things to know before you cruise on your next biking trip.

You are required to have a motorcycle licence to ride in Ontario. Learn how to get your full motorcycle licence.

Rider training is an essential part of learning to ride a motorcycle. These government accredited schools can help make getting your licence fun and informative, and can speed up the process.
Ontario Motorcycle Safety Association
Off-Road Training at CMTS
Advanced Rider Training at Road Craft
MTO Driver Training Courses
Canada Safety Council Motorcycle Training Program
Full list of rider training schools in Ontario

Refer to the Ontario Highway Traffic Act for all applicable motorcycling regulations and obtain a copy of the Off-Road Vehicles Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.0.4. by visiting:

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Motorcycle parked beside a lake at dusk.


Need some assistance along the way? Find local bike dealers or repair shops.

Group of riders enjoying the open road.


Check the status of roadwork on your route to avoid any unnecessary delay.

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