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Plan your next epic ride. The diversity of terrain and scenery in Ontario will have you hooked. Follow pre-planned routes, or create a customized itinerary with our online trip planner.


Here’s a selection of great routes across Ontario, check out more, or compare your favourite trips with our seasoned expert’s top ten routes. Experience amazing diversity in scenery from season to season, fall offers spectacular touring destinations.

Ride The North
Experience the thrill of great motorcycling and hit the open road on one of Northeastern Ontario’s five touring routes. Cruise quiet, winding backroads, rolling hills and endless straightaways set amidst some of the most spectacular scenic lookouts in the province. 

Ride the Highlands
You’ll love the density of twisting roads and stunning pastoral scenery. Get more info on riding in the area or check out routes in the Ottawa Valley, Lennox and Addington or the Haliburton Highlands.

Ride Lake Superior
Enjoy the solitude of the mountains and valleys outside of Marathon, the views of Lake Superior from Sault Ste. Marie to Wawa, and the canopied roads into Copper Harbour.

Ride Algoma
Experience adventure touring along the Algoma ADV or The Grand Algoma loops, which offer a great balance of off and on-highway riding.

Northumberland County
Ride the rolling hills of Northumberland with amazing views, eateries and attractions. Enjoy the twists and turns along the West or East Route using our plotted Google Maps, or ride both (totalling 177km) by requesting a copy of the Top 5 Driving Routes.  

Georgian Bay Coastal Route
This iconic route takes riders around Georgian Bay, through Grey-Bruce Counties, on a ferry ride to Manitoulin Island, past two of Ontario’s most well-loved beaches, and up the Niagara Escarpment.

Ride Grey-Bruce
Bound by Lake Huron to the West and Georgian Bay to the North, there is a ton of coastline to ride in Grey Bruce, combined with the Beaver ValleyBlue MountainSauble Beach and the Bruce Peninsula.

Cruise the Coast
Cruise lakeside along inviting beaches, past rolling farmland and through picturesque towns and hamlets. Don’t miss Friday the 13th in Port Dover.

Ride the Counties
The twists, turns, hills and views will take you away. Ride into the sunset along Lake Huron, travel through the breathtaking views in the countryside.

Ride The Edge
Enjoy the loops in the Explorers’ Edge region, including Algonquin Park. The scenery is unbeatable.


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