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A few things your need to know before you get your sled out on the trails in Ontario.


To snowmobile legally in Ontario, you must have a valid Driver's Licence or Snow Vehicle Operator's Permit. The OFSC is authorized as an agent to issue snow vehicle operator's licences. For more details visit the OFSC Driver Training Program.
You will also need proof of snowmobile ownership, registration, proof of insurance, a helmet and a snowmobile trail permit.
Ontario residents must register their motorized snow vehicles (MSV) with the Ministry of Transportation, display the registration numbers and show proof of insurance. Non-residents must produce evidence of insurance and registration, or bill of sale and comply with Ontario's snowmobile regulations.


Seasonal Trail Permits ($260) and Classic Permits ($170) expire May 31st and can be purchased online, from an OFSC district office or other designated location.
Seven Day Permits ($140) and Three Day Permits ($70) offer the same access to open OFSC Prescribed Trails and expire seven and three days respectively after being issued. They can be purchased online after December and/or from any OFSC member clubs or associations. Locate your district.

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Safety is critical! Wear reflective clothing, a helmet and face shield, waterproof, insulated boots and leather snowmobile mitts. Polypropylene and thermal under layers release moisture while retaining heat. Consider a buoyant snowmobile suit and carry extra clothing, socks, boot liners and mitts for layering.
Don't drink and ride. Operating your sled under the influence of alcohol is punishable under the Criminal Code of Canada. If convicted of driving a snowmobile while impaired, you could lose all driving privileges (car, truck, motorcycle, off-road vehicles and snowmobile).

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Familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations around snowmobiling in Ontario.

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