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Privacy Policy

About Destination Ontario

Destination Ontario is committed to respecting the privacy of individuals who visit our website.  This page sets out our privacy policy and describes why and how we collect, use and disclose personal information which you choose to provide to us on our website. This policy doesn't apply to anyone who isn't under our control or management, such as the operators of other websites that you might link to from our website. Such operators may have their own privacy policies, which might differ from ours. For more information about links to other websites, please read our Terms of Use.

What is "personal information"?

Destination Ontario is governed by the Ontario Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. F.31, which defines "personal information" to mean recorded information about any identifiable individual, including his or her name, address, telephone number, email address, age, gender, marital status, personal views, preferences and opinions.

How will we collect personal information?

You are under no obligation to disclose any personal information to us at any time. But if you want to take advantage of all of the website's features, such as the trip planner and mapping functions, we will ask you to register to become a registered user. In the process you may be asked to give your name, e-mail address, country, and, if living in Canada or the U.S., a portion of your postal code or zip code. There is no charge for you to register or to use the website.

If you choose to register, you will also have the option of providing additional information about your travel and vacation preferences and other demographic information.

Some features of the website need some personal information to work - for example, if you want us to send you newsletters by e-mail, we would need your e-mail address. If you want us to mail you brochures or other printed information, then we would need your mailing address. If you want us to send you newsletters or e-mails that are personalized to your travel and vacation preferences, then we would need you to provide some information about those preferences.

The information you choose to give us will enable us to provide you with information, assistance and services personalized to your travel and vacation preferences, such as trip planners, customized newsletters, and electronic postcards, and to better tailor our website and our Ontario tourism marketing initiatives to the individuals who use the site.

How do we use and disclose personal information?

If you choose to register, we will keep track only of the information and preferences that you choose to provide to us. We will keep that information stored securely on our system and will not release it to any third party without your prior consent. You will be asked to create a user ID and a password which you will need to access your personal information on all visits to the website.

Once your personal information reaches us, it will be stored off-line on a system not accessible on the internet. Any personal information you give us will only be used for the purpose of sending you tourism publications, newsletters and tourism notices and promotions; tourism research; for program, publication, advertising and web site evaluation and improvement; for questionnaires; and for responding to your comments or inquiries. Except for the foregoing, you will not be placed on any mailing lists. None of your personal information will ever be shared, rented, sold or otherwise released to any third party.

Our site uses "cookies" which are small files containing pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer's hard drive. Most Web browsers automatically accept cookies, but if you prefer, you can set your browser to block them. Our cookies can contain information such as your user ID that our website uses to recognize you. Our cookies can't read data off your hard disk or read cookie files created by other sites. The only personal information our cookies contain is the information you provide yourself. When you enter personal information on our website, your personal information will be linked to the cookie we save on your computer. Additionally, if you choose, we will also save your password to the cookie we save on your computer.

From time to time we may use your personal information to create aggregate summaries of general demographic information for statistical and research purposes. We may share such summaries with providers and potential providers of tourism services in Ontario. However, such summaries will never include any personal information that could be used to identify you.

What if I want to view or update my personal information, or want you to stop using or retaining my personal information?

You may, at any time, view and update any of your personal information, or tell us to stop using or retaining it. You can do so by clicking on the appropriate buttons that appear on every page of the website. If you tell us to stop using your information, we will immediately honour your instructions and delete your personal information. We may, however, retain a summary of your demographic information for research purposes. None of this summarized demographic information will be capable of identifying you.

What if I have any questions about this Privacy Policy?

If you have any questions please contact Customer Feedback, Destination Ontario, 10 Dundas Street East, Suite 900, Toronto, Ontario - M7A 2A1, or call 1-800-ONTARIO (1-800-668-2746).

What if you change this Privacy Policy?

We will use personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy in effect at the time the information was collected. If we decide to change our Privacy Policy, we will post a notice on our home page so that you can view it. If at some point we would like to start using your personal information in a manner different from that stated at the time it was collected, we will first ask for your approval by e-mail.