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Indigenous Outdoor

With a culture deeply rooted in nature, Indigenous Peoples believe that there are no barriers between the spiritual and physical worlds. 

Uncover the legend of an Ojibway Chief turned to stone by the Spirit of the Deep Sea Water at Sleeping Giant Provincial Park in Thunder Bay or the Ojibway princess who protected her people from the enemy Sioux at Kakabeka Falls.  South of Kenora, Sioux Narrows Provincial Park was the site of an Ojibway battle with Sioux warriors

Paddlers and hikers are treated to incredible First Nations pictographs, ancient paintings on rock surfaces, located throughout the Woodland Caribou Provincial Park. The 100 metre high Mazinaw Rock in Bon Echo Provincial Park features over 260 Algonkian red ochre pictographs on its cliff face, the largest Algonkian pictograph site in Canada. Quetico Provincial Park is home to spectacular pictographs, spiritually sacred for Anishinabe People.  View depictions of animals and people carved into a flat expanse of white marble rock by the Algonkians between 600 - 1,000 years ago at Petroglyphs Provincial Park.

Take the Polar Express up to Washow Lodge near Moose Factory to see black bears and beluga whales. Go “glamping” with Misabi Adventure Company in Temagami , activities include guided hikes, paddling, a sweat lodge and visits to First Nation spiritual sites.

Experience the past and the present with nature-based, Indigenous tours on beautiful Manitoulin Island with Great Spirit Circle Trail.

A close up of etchings on stone


Paddlers and hikers are treated to incredible Indigenous pictographs are located throughout the park on rock surfaces.

A lone canoeist paddles.


In addition to kayak, canoe and SUP equipment rentals, the Algonquin Canoe Company also provides GPS points throughout the traditional Wolf Lake First Nations territory highlighting portage routes, campsites, sight-seeing areas, historical sites and other points of interest.